Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yes, Halloween happened

And I went to a party that my friends Honor and Jean hosted last Saturday night, and I even dressed up. Sort of.

For much of the night, I kept my arms inside my shirt, down either the back of my shirt or occasionally the front, and acted armless. ("Mostly armless," as greyaenigma said when I shared this pic on Facebook.) Either I acted too shocked to say why I was armless, or just "explained" by saying "thalidomide is a hell of a drug."

And it worked. I made it work; nice acting-the-part. I got people looking at me with concern at first. One woman at the party lifted up the back of my shirt to see what I was doing. I was amused by that.

I was also amused by my friend Nikki feeding me a piece of cake, one forkful at a time, because again, no arms. (What really doesn't hurt? Nikki, as her husband Jay knows, is very cute.) Nikki volunteered, by the way; thank you!

This costume cost no money and took almost no time for me to think of and do. And it's still better than the example I always go to, Halloween-wise, of What Not To Do: that scene in Philadelphia when Denzel Washington's lawyer character goes to Tom Hanks's character's Halloween party with nothing but paperwork taped to his clothes, and says "Get it? I'm a law suit."

I "let" my arms "grow back" later at the party, a) so I could eat more and b) so I could untie my boot laces, which someone was tying together when I woke up on the couch after some rest.

Yeah: it was a good party. *grins*

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