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No great insight on Election Night

Election season depresses me.

The actual voting makes me feel better.


Explaining (why not?):

This fall I have done a (I think) decent job tuning out the campaign-commercial rhetoric, even that by the people and issues I support. Political ads...ugh. I feel an incoherent rant coming on about them. (This is one reason I wouldn't want to work in voiceovers: what about doing voiceovers for nasty, deeply misleading commercials? "Candidate A rapes, kills and eats choir boys. Not necessarily in that order. Vote Candidate B. Protect your choir boys.") And now, my tuning-out extends to the election night coverage: "With 7% of votes in 7% of precincts reporting the votes of 7th sons of 7th sons, we predict the new members of Congress will start crapping out roses in their Wednesday morning bathroom trip..." I tuned in briefly to some news tonight and then came to my senses. I'll wait for the morning news to get a better sense of what happened.

But here's a simple idea: I can't do much about campaign rhetoric. Until I vote. Which I did. And felt glad I did so.

Like I said in the title: No great insight. But I did what I wanted to do.
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