Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Flee The Invisible Snowflake

Has Portland been In A Mood? Feels like that. We got a wet-slap of sleet and ice today, after warnings last night that we might in fact get snow (note: exceedingly rate for Portland in November). Ugly wintry mix, and it feels like most of the town went all "No, Sir, I don't like it!" And yep, no snow, which may at least have made the weather pretty.

The result was that Portland had a snow day without the snow. Schools closed for the day, events were cancelled, and the office where I work closed. First the bosses decided on a delayed opening, but I was already halfway to work on the bus so I kept going. Most mornings at this job I run to a P.O. box first thing, and I did so, in my thickest coat (the red one, big enough I once used it as a sleeping bag back on a college trip) and other warmth-holding items, only to get back and learn that the office was closing for the day, because while weather wasn't that bad, it had the chance to get worse. That wound up being only slightly true.

Hey, at least I get four hours of pay because I reported! I had a little coffee so that day's office brew wouldn't go completely to waste, bundled up, and slowly headed home. Time to accept that winter is here.

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