Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Post-Monday, November 24th, 2014

History: it is so, so deeply hard to change its direction.

And so, so many people are making the effort.

I've seen -- through social media -- over 100 days of protests following Mike Brown's death. I've seen the protests continue within the aftermath of Monday's announcement that the Missouri grand jury would not send Darren Wilson to trial. Monday night: a difficult night, even just to watch from a warm, well-lighted place. (I learned the no-indictment news via Twitter in the downtown Apple store, after correcting a glitch on my iPad.) I sense the anger out there, the sadness, the exhaustion. I sense the power of that anger and sadness. I can only guess at the bone-weariness so many people are feeling at how

To try to repair so many deeply wrong and frustrating problems.

To try not to let anger and destruction take over.

To build something we can be proud of and hopeful for.

To not repeat so many bad moments of history.

What history -- what better history -- can we make?

Can we make that better history?

I (have to) believe that we can.

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