Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Quest For Soup

...shoot, the word "soup" just isn't epic. Guess that's why my day today wasn't epic, either.

But soup did get me out of the house this afternoon, as Big-Ass Sandwiches had a French onion soup as its weekly special and today was the last day to get it. Turned out that the cart sold out of it by the time I got there, so oh well: I had the nacho fries (topped with jalapeños, grilled onions, and cheese sauce) instead and visited with Keegan and Quentin, the guys working there today. And hey, getting out was a good idea: I figured out stuff... how it's time to retire my boots. Both are worn through the heel, so I'm more or less walking on sponges. Bad idea in a place where it's raining! So that's my errand tomorrow. I'm good at wearing out clothes; they get USED. My previous, now-replaced work shoes eventually broke in front, so that the bottom of the toe of each shoe flapped against the top of the toe of each shoe. Priciest flip-flops ever! (I don't buy flip-flops so I don't know if this is actually true, but I'll believe it's true.)

I figured out other stuff, too, but that other stuff is more personal. Live without knowing it. I'm sure you can!

And as today is still a good soup day, I'm having chicken noodle soup for dinner. Quest ended...

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