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From their pages to my brain: my books-read list for 2014

Continuing my habit in this journal since 2004, my annual list of books (novels, comics, non-fiction and so on) read, 59 this time:

Red Storm Rising - Tom Clancy, 1986
Hark! A Vagrant - Kate Beaton, 2011
Never Learn Anything From History - Kate Beaton, 2009 (self-published)
Hellbent - Cherie Priest (cmpriest), 2011

Smiley's People - John le Carré, 1979
The Wind Through the Keyhole: a Dark Tower Novel - Stephen King, 2012
The Stars My Destination - Alfred Bester, 1956

Bucko - Jeff Parker and Erika Moen, originally published online 2011-2012, published as a book 2012
Burning Bridges: a Retrievers novel - Laura Anne Gilman (suricattus), 2007
52 Pickup - Elmore Leonard, 1974
The Gods of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1918

Dodger - Terry Pratchett, 2012
The Warlord of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs, 1919
The Making of the Empire Strikes Back - J.W. Rinzler, 2010
Star Trek Mirror Universe: Obsidian Alliances (published 2007):
The Mirror-Scaled Serpent - Keith DeCandido (kradical)
Cutting Ties - Peter David
Saturn's Children - David Mack writing as Sarah Shaw
'Q' is for Quarry - Sue Grafton, 2002
Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days - non-Sandman stories written by Neil Gaiman for DC Comics, illustrated by Teddy Kristiansen, Dave McKean, Mike Mignola, Steve Bissette, John Totleben, Richard Piers Rayner, Mike Hoffman, Kim DeMulder, and Sergio Aragonés; issues originally published 1989, 1995, 1998, and 1999. Compilation published 1999.
Jaxxon's 11 Volume 1: Eleven Against A Casino! - Mike Russell and David Stroup, conceived 2003, originally published online. Ashcan edition of first 68 pages published 2011.
Dar! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary, Volume One - Erika Moen, comics from 2006-2008. Published as a book 2009.
Dar! A Super Girly Top Secret Comic Diary, Volume Two - Erika Moen, comics from 2009, then featuring selected comics from its first years (2003-2006). Published as a book 2010.
Heart of Briar: Book One of The Portals - Laura Anne Gilman (suricattus), 2013

Star Trek: Articles of the Federation - Keith R.A. DeCandido (kradical), 2005

Soul of Fire: Book Two of The Portals - Laura Anne Gilman (suricattus), 2013
The Making of Return of the Jedi - J.W. Rinzler, 2013
The Aeneid - Virgil, written between 30 B.C.E. and 19 B.C.E.
Cycle of the Werewolf - Stephen King, illustrated by Bernie Wrightson, 1983

The Tommyknockers - Stephen King, 1987
Doghouse: a Gin & Tonic Mystery (#3) - Laura Anne Gilman (suricattus), 2014
Red Delicious - Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast) writing as Kathleen Tierney, 2014
Fade In: From Idea To Final Draft: the Writing of Star Trek: Insurrection - Michael Piller, written 1999, never published in book form; released online after Piller's death.

Artful - Peter David, 2014
The Inexplicables - Cherie Priest (cmpriest), 2012
Choke Hold - Christa Faust, 2011
Eats, Shoots and Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation - Lynne Truss, 2003
Artemis Fowl - Eoin Colfer, 2001

Wild Cards I - edited by George R.R. Martin, written by Martin and others, 1986. Three additional stories added 2010.
Close to Critical - Hal Clement, first published in magazine format in 1958, published as a book in 1964
Fiddlehead - Cherie Priest (cmpriest), 2013
Axe Cop Vol. 4: President of the World - written by Malachai Nicolle (age 8), drawn by Ethan Nicholle (age 32), colored by Dirk Erik Schulz, 2013
Batgirl Vol. 3: Death of the Family - written by Gail Simone, Ray Fawkes, and Scott Snyder; drawn by Daniel Sampere and others; originally published in individual issues from 2012, 2013; published in graphic novel form in 2013
Alabaster: Wolves - written by Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast), art by Steve Lieber. Originally published 2012. Five issues.
Superior Foes of Spider-Man: Getting the Band Back Together - script by Nick Spencer, art by Steve Lieber. Originally published as issues 1-6, 2013.
Superior Foes of Spider-Man: The Crime of the Century - script by Nick Spencer, art by Steve Lieber. Originally published as issues 7-11, in 2014.
Alabaster: Grimmer Tales - written by Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast), art by Steve Lieber. Originally published 2012-2013.

Antediluvian Tales - Poppy Z. Brite (docbrite), 2007
Mildred Pierce - James M. Cain, 1941
Mrs. God - Peter Straub, 1990
The Man Who Folded Himself - David Gerrold, originally published 1972, revised 2003
Stars and Stripes Forever - Harry Harrison, 1998

'R' is for Ricochet - Sue Grafton, 2004
Storm Front (Dresden Files Book 1) - Jim Butcher, 2000
The Princess Bride - William Goldman, 1973 (also includes Chapter 1 of "Buttercup's Baby")
X-Factor Vol. 1: The Longest Night - writer Peter David, pencils by Ryan Sook and Dennis Calero, inks by Wade Von Grawbadger and Dennie Calero. Collects issues 1-6, from 2006.
Batgirl Vol. 4: Wanted - writer Gail Simone ("Zero Year" story written by Marguerite Bennett), pencils by Fernando Pasarin, Daniel Sampere, Derlis Santacruz, and Carlos Rodriguez. Collects issues 20-26.
X-Factor Vol. 2: Life and Death Matters - writer Peter David, art by Ariel Olivetti, Dennis Calero, Renato Arlem, and Roy Allan Martinez. Collects issues 7-12.
The Orchid Thief - Susan Orlean, 1998
Howard the Duck (Vol. 2 Issues 1-6): writer Steve Gerber, artists Phil Winslade and Glenn Fabry. Issues first published 2002.
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