Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Dream-logic while awake

Well, that was wishful.

Waking up, as I usually do, a little ahead of my alarm, knowing I have some slack in my schedule so I don't have to be roaring out of bed when the alarm goes off, I do the easy thing and see if I can get a little more rested. Nice way to ease into the day, right? Except I let the dream-logic that's still lingering in my waking mind affect how I'm perceiving time, and I let myself think: I have time. After all, the alarm hasn't sounded yet...

And I let myself get distracted by other thoughts, such as plans for tonight, and I have a dream-like interlude where I imagine that the events of the new show Empire (which I haven't even watched) are being discussed, after the fact, in a book, and that's nice, having a sort-of-dream when you're awake and warm and bundled...

...and then I look over at the clock radio and realize I'd not set my alarm the night before and it was about half an hour past when that alarm normally goes off. Here's to that slack in my morning schedule, right?

At one point in that half-awake enveloping of dreamlike thoughts around my head, before I had to think UP. NOW., I even somehow, briefly, thought that time itself could move differently depending on how awake you were: time's slower in bed than when you're out and about, right? Ah, justification.

Anyway, hi, I'm awake now and rested enough.

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