Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This Is The Week That Still Is

(And that title just made Afterlife David Frost cringe...)

A week ago, I was sick, so I wasn't doing much other than Not Getting Sicker. The week since has been better.

I managed a 40-hour work week, for one -- my first in a while, due to holidays and leaving work early on Friday the 9th. Time card submitted, so those hours will turn into Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo'...excuse me, got excited. And I was slightly social a couple of night after work:

Wednesday I sat down over beers with Lisa and Brian Wood of Big-Ass Sandwiches, at one of the food cart pods (Carts on Foster, SE 52nd and Foster) that has an indoor beer garden. I hadn't sat and drank with them since their cart was still in Old Town in 2012. I learned that all three of us agree that one of these days we should stop the time shifts of Daylight Savings Time: choose one or the other! The Woods liked Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast)'s idea of choosing one and sticking with it all year. A good visit.

It also was good that Thursday night I got out to see my friend Riona at Guardian Games' Beer and Pizza Night. As advertised, there was beer, pizza, and games (we joined friends of hers at Cards Against Humanity) while a projection TV played Buckaroo Banazi Across the Eighth Dimension, Die Hard, and Big Trouble In Little China. Yeah, I was there for a while. Riona and I got onto the subject of Little Shop of Horrors while waiting for pizza, and she was intrigued about how the stage show (which she's yet to see) and the original cut of the film ended. She wants to see it now. Keep in mind, it's the ending where Audrey II wins, eats both Audrey and Seymour, and proceeds to attack the world. Yeah, I like my friends.

Last night was a walk-after-work night, as I could use more walking. Downtown, Riverplace, and across the Hawthorne Bridge. Weather cooperated. My coat didn't: the tongue of the main zipper fell off. I briefly worried whether I'd need to cut myself out of the frickin' thing. I didn't!

And now: weekend times. I want to have other stuff to talk about...

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