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All work is temporary, if you really stretch the definition of work, so I feel weird saying that I’m looking for a permanent job, so let’s say I want to find a job that I can do happily for several years. And right now, I’m doing jobs that last for several days, or maybe one or two. I’ll spend this week (Monday through Thursday) at a food packaging plant where I’ve worked before. In the past year, temp jobs have taken me to several bottling/packaging lines, a law firm (for a mock jury), mattress stores, a bank’s office (not a branch: a place where records are collected from branches across the U.S. West), some buildings being remodeled – an apartment complex that a college bought for dorms, a church getting ready to house a learning center for high school students – and even refrigerated rail cars. I’ve been able to check off more and more types of work from the list of “Jobs I can do.” Just in case I need to fall back on something…

Glimpse Into My Mind, Part I: Imagine if Mr. Hanky, the Christmas Poo, from “South Park,” became the mascot in a get-out-the-vote drive. He could be the Regis-Turd!
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