Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Adventures in warmth

First, I'll acknowledge that the East Coast snow that's started is the much, much more serious weather in the U.S. -- I sincerely hope it's not the "historic" blizzard forecasters are worrying it might be, and I hope people stay safe -- and the weather we're having in the Pacific Northwest right now is nothing in comparison. Portland's almost temperate; it was in the 50s today and 60 to 70 over the weekend.

Now, since it is winter, let me talk of coats.

I've currently glommed onto three: the slightly padded blue-green one (passed down from Dad), the slightly more padded yellow one, and the red one that is so padded I once used it as a sleeping bag. (Freshman year at college my dormmates went to a cabin in Sun River, Oregon to hang out for a weekend, and using the coat cut down on my packing. It worked as a sleeping bag, too.) The red one's still my heaviest duty coat, so I don't need it too much; I prefer the yellow one, because yay being brightly-colored in the grey Northwest, but its zipper is broken; and now the blue one is a pain to zip up and is probably at the end of its useful life. I combined coats with sweaters when it was colder last week; today was going to be warm enough that I could use the yellow coat by itself, keep it open and still be warm.

Walking out of downtown via the Hawthorne Bridge -- and appreciating that bikes and pedestrians fit pretty well on that bridge, which puts eastbound bikes on the south sidewalk and westbound bikes on the north sidewalk -- I somewhat absently tried zipping up the yellow coat. IT ZIPPED. Without doing what it had been, where many of the teeth wouldn't lock as zipper teeth should. Yay proper zipping!

So now part of my night has been testing whether I can consistently get the yellow coat to zip properly. Experimented once I got home, with one of the cats watching me and probably not being 100% clear on what the heck I was doing. At the moment I have a less-than-50% success rate, but that's better than before. And I'm sure there are online instructions for how to fix zippers so I can consistently zip. Because this is the wrong time to be zipless.

Yes, being warm is important enough to me that I blog about it.
Tags: peregrinations

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