Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Change of change of plans

Here's part of where my head's been these past several weeks: for a while, it looked like I would have to move in a few months. Now, I most likely won't.

Nothing's wrong. The news of possibly needing to move was, at worst, annoying, but I understood why it was a possibility. (I also want to stress that it had nothing to do with me as a tenant. I haven't done anything that would get me kicked out of anywhere.) Mainly, it was an annoying development I really didn't want to deal with, considering my bit o' angst last year over the room hunt. Which, remember, was my first move in 12 years; I'm not surprised I, um, angsted.

The chance of moving first came up in December. My housemates and I discussed the change, and the circumstances that prompted it, on Sunday night, and I felt relieved. And no, I won't say here what the circumstances were or are. Not my place to say.

Mainly I wanted to acknowledge what happened, and remember that my life lately has, still, mostly been free of bad drama. That's another relief.

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