Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Get It Done, Housecleaning Edition

"Housework is something you do that no one else notices unless you don't do it."

I once got a refrigerator magnet with that message as a present for Mom. It's a good message/reminder for me now, with my decades (whoa) of experience with being an adult who needs to keep his stuff clean. Or at least clean to the standard of "nothing molding!" (Seriously, that was my standard in my first apartment.)

With place-sharing, different people must deal with their different thresholds of "This is clean"/"This is not" (with the occasional "Unclean! Unclean!") and find the happy medium. At this house, we have a chore list. And I realized a) I was avoiding certain chores, and b) I was not only being a little lazy about not doing those, I was hung up on "will my housemates know I cleaned?" That could lead to doing chores mainly for show, which might in fact (come to think of it) be a good motivator, but I realized it more likely would be obnoxious. "Look! I'm getting stuff DONE!" Which is much less important than getting stuff done.

And as some chores can be inconvenient for anyone else in the house, I was resisting them too. I mopped the kitchen late this morning, and luckily I had the house to myself when doing it. Avoided both the "hey, looka ME" issue and the "be in other people's way" issue, as I get more used to doing this regularly. Today's was only my second time mopping this kitchen and, I think, only my third time mopping ever. (Speaking of cleaning, I've yet to change a diaper. I feel less adult now that I realize that.) Like most anything else, do it, do it more, get better at it, and it'll feel less like a chore.

Here's to "getting used to it."

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