Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Go east, young food cart purveyors (the upcoming move of Big-Ass Sandwiches)

I hate the sentence construction "I have good news and bad news." It's a bull-crap way to deflect potential drama -- in my experience, it's more likely to exacerbate it -- and it almost always leads to failed comedy. (It certainly did when I got really sick circa 1983 and my doctor said "The good news is you don't have bronchitis. The bad news is you've got pneumonia." To this day I'm suspicious of docs throwing to be funny...) Anyway, bad news for friends is, likely, leading to good news for said friends.

Lisa and Brian Wood will have to move their cart, Big-Ass Sandwiches, from their current Central Eastside location very soon. They will have been there 2 1/2 years, after 3 years in their first location in Old Town. They'd moved originally to be part of a Brand! New! Food pod, where five or so carts would serve as the de facto kitchen for a bar in the building next to their little lot. Except the bar didn't happen, and over time the other carts left. Big-Ass Sandwiches has gotten by, still, but now -- irony alert -- they need to move because of, um, a bar. A bar that wants to put a beer garden where the cart is now.

When I saw the Woods a couple of weeks ago, we had drinks after work at a pod they were scoping out as a possible new location. It was one of four or so places they thought about moving to, and they wanted to choose carefully (they later took a couple of days off from the cart to see how daily foot traffic was at the possible locations). They, being them, kept their sense of humor during all this, but it's a giant decision.

The good news is they've found a place, at Carts On Foster, SE 52nd and Foster, where there's already a place at the pod where one can buy and drink beer. Plans for BAS's move are afoot. So is a sweepstakes to help fund the move. I've already contributed to it -- I went over this afternoon before going grocery shopping -- and heck, you might want to see what they're going to give away in the sweepstakes.

I want this, ultimately, to be Good News for Lisa and Brian. And nothing but good news.

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