Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Done Stuff!

A quiet week. Feels like a work-focused week, even though I did manage to be social Wednesday night: I visited my friend Deborah, who moved out of a house at the end of this week and wanted to have drinks and friends to mark that. Stories, laughs, and for me, an actual mixed drink: the Old Gold Rush, which is (to quote from the bar's drink list) "Bulleit Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, house made honey syrup, whiskey barrel aged bitters, served on a big cube." Good drink, too. I am now marginally more used to hanging out in a bar and visiting with a group. This is progress. (Because I was tired, this then happened, but that's on me.)

I also almost drove a U-Haul for my friend Gerald this week (long story I don't know fully, so I'll say no more), but Gerald wound up not needing that favor. But I am trying to be more available for favor-doing.

Speaking of friend updates, Lisa and Brian at Big-Ass Sandwiches got a big donation towards their cart-moving costs: their friend and supporter Adam Richman of Man Versus Food made a straight $500 donation, taking himself out of the running for the prizes Lisa and Brian will give to people, and boosted the signal for them on Facebook. Before that, last Saturday in fact, I bought $60 worth of tickets for the giveaway. (Legally, they can't call it a raffle DON'T CALL IT THAT, CHRIS.) To quote Starship Troopers, "I'm doing my part!"

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