Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Laughing while I can

I know. The weather for giant swathes of the U.S. currently sucks at a record-breaking level. There's a good chance that many snowed-in Boskone attendees will, like veterans of the snowed-in Farpoint convention of 2003, show up at next year's Boskone with three-month-olds in tow (do the math) because you've got to pass the time somehow. Trust me, you're in my thoughts and I hope the snow stops breaking records and roofs.

I'm still going to appreciate that Portland, and the West Coast in general, got the gift of a sunny, warm-ish weekend.

Here's my current view:

And here's me, in the sleeveless sweatshirt I'm wearing:

This is the first day in 2015 that I can sit, write and read on the porch. I'm not missing that chance. Sorry.

Get warmer, people! You will.

(Annnnnnnd my posting this probably is tempting-the-fates enough that we're going to get walloped with wild weather of our own before this winter lets go of us...)

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