Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

One day I may tire of walking, but TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY

More from the trying-to-get-better-habits department:

Today I needed groceries, and my list grew long enough that I wanted to drive to the store. I also wanted to at least briefly visit the Belmont Goats, as I do, especially since they're walking distance from this place. (Their first location at SE 11th and Belmont was also within walking distance of my previous place...eventually. This trip is shorter and easier, though.) But I felt bad and dubious about driving first to the herd, then to the store. With the weather we're having, this seemed wrong.

Thank goodness the Fred Meyer I usually go to is halfway between me and the herd, so I could drive there, park, walk over to the goats' lot and watch goats chill out, then walk back to the store. Good compromise!

Yes, I am in fact this boring. I kind of want to subtitle this blog "It's the interesting kind of boring!," but I think I promised docbrite he could use that if he wanted.

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