Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Moments since Friday, in words and photos

A few days, noted blog-ily:

I was not at my most productive Friday, honestly. I was wistful about the Leonard Nimoy news, as were many of us. Trying to keep perspective: losing Nimoy after he lived 83 years is different than, for instance, losing Douglas Adams when he was 49. Living long and well is what I hope for; I'm making sure to remember that Nimoy was able to. In a nice and welcome touch, one of the online shows I listen to, Aaron Duran's "Drive-Time at the Drive-In" on The Funemployment Radio Network, replayed an episode featuring James Horner's score to Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Felt like listening to a piece of my childhood.

I took my time getting home Friday; comfort food seemed a damned good idea, so I bussed to Beulahland. Happily, and coincidentally, ran into my friend Mary-Suzanne there, and we had a brief but nice visit. (Tough week for her, for several reasons that are hers to relate, not mine.) I took Mary-Suzanne's advice and had the special salmon burger; later, pie and whiskey. (I decided "The Pie and the Whiskey" would be the name of the gentlest Supernatural episode ever.)

As I often do, I got a slow start Saturday but did get out, first to Big-Ass Sandwiches. Yesterday was the last day the cart was open for business at its Inner SE location -- this week, Brian and Lisa are moving the cart to Carts On Foster at SE 52nd and Foster (yes, the fundraising worked!) -- and I watched about an hour of the turnout. And of course had a sandwich. Later they sold out, which was fitting and good.




More wandering followed: to downtown, the central library (I borrowed books by Anaïs Nin and Robert E. Howard. Huh. Wonder how those two would've gotten along...), and a new old restaurant called All Way. I say "new old" because since the 1960s it was a place called The Red Coach, which I passed a lot since moving here -- a LOT -- but never went into. It closed last year, but new owners have reopened it and kept a lot of the décor, including neat red booths. It has longer hours and an expanded, but still similar to Red Coach's, menu. And it has a counter and a fountain. I'm old enough to have drank at pharmacy fountains -- you can still find them -- and when I first went into All Way a couple of months ago I was all holy crap, I'd move into a place like this if I could. Heck yes I'll go there now. Well, maybe not right now, I have a cat in my lap, but I went last night. Treated myself to a black cherry milkshake. Enjoyed the hubbub of a busy night in there.

And on my way home, after getting back to SE, I witnessed an unexplained mattress migration.


So. There. Life goes on, and so does blogging.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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