Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Do very little, get very tired

Work yesterday was interrupted so often by technical problems and attempts to solve those problems that I was the least productive I've been at work in, well, a while. A sign of that: usually, no matter what else I'm doing, I help enter about 30 people's forms into our digital records system; yesterday I did four. I did find other work to do, but I was cranky doing it -- and cranky NOT doing what I'd hoped to do. And also cranky because it seemed that 75% of the questions my co-workers asked me could only be answered with "I have no way to do that yet." Asking about D when A, B and C have to happen yet and can't...yeah.

The technical problems were tied to attempts to give me more access at work so I can do more, so this will be a temporary setback (I hope), but for that day things were...awkward. And I got frustrated and moody because of it. I realized once I was home -- after a good amount of walking as I tried to "walk off" my mood -- that I was pretty darn tired after that: MOOD TAKES A LOT OF ENERGY (I know from experience), and I was low. I was asleep last night before 10:00.

I'd rather my job not be to stew. And I hope to be productive again. Usually I am...
Tags: work

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