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Hair today, hair tomorrow (because no, I'm not shaving it)

More than usual for me, more than before, I've had my hair on my mind. I know I'm lucky about that: the men in my family tend to take a while to start losing their hair, and I'm most likely not to go bald in any funky, distracting way ("wait, my hair does that?!") And most signs are that my hair is healthy. Now it's a good idea to keep it that way.

I seriously did not learn until the last couple of years that it's not necessarily good to wash your hair every day, which had been my habit for as long as I can remember. (You guessed right: I've never had long hair.) I finally got around to seeing and feeling what it was like to go a day or two -- likely the longest I'd gone without washing since camping trips in the Eighties -- shampoo-less. Okay, I can get used to that. Not at the moment, though, because while my hair never gets long, it's reached the "distractingly poofy if not washed" stage. Some people look fantastic with poofy hair (hey, look at Rob Liefeld's Captain Americ-- wait), but I think I don't. I've also found that if I rinse my hair, I spend most of the day feeling like I've pomaded it, and I'm a Dapper Dan man I don't like the feel of product in my hair. Even, I guess, if that product is my own oil. (Wet oil? Is that the issue? So to speak?)

Anyway, I have hair, and I hope to keep it, and have it and my head be healthy. And (soon!) get a haircut. Helps that I'm within walking distance of my barber for the first time in years...

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