Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

No reason.

Ah, mood. I've had much experience with it. Moody, mercurial, frustrated moods. The nicer moods, too, but those first ones are the moods I want to mention.

I've had a week of a not-that-great mood. And I was thinking what may have caused it, and realized: no particular outside reason, really.

It sort of, kind of sucks when there's no particular, discernible cause of a mood. Sometimes you find the reason -- like lots of you, I was hit surprisingly hard by Robin Williams' suicide, to give one example -- and sometimes you don't. Of course, whatever the mood's cause, you weather it. (Coping mechanisms activate! Heh, sounds like Superfriends dialogue.) But when there's a general, diffuse, mist-like feeling of blah, it makes the mood harder to target.

That's where my head's been. I've gotten outside as a way to deal with it -- long walks are one of my coping mechanisms, as you're not surprised to know. I've done two today so far, one to visit a worm, and then to see the official grand opening of a new market/ food cart pod mere blocks from the house. Saw friends and friendly faces there. Ate, as well. And I have at least one reason to go out again later today. I may not have a reason for this week's bad mood, but I can still improve the mood.

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