Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Please don't do this. Really really please don't do this.

My mind can be devious. My detail-packed dreams last night included someone mentioning a major new trend of people who would stage accidents in order to abandon their pets and then -- then -- after the animals are rescued by whomever is nice and finds them, arrange to have the "HUH-AHHH!!" moment when the owners "suddenly" "discover" their pet at a shelter so they have a tear-filled reunion.

So, causing trauma to an animal who trusts you? A TERRIBLE THING. Even as just an idea. A cheap, cruel idea. An idea I deeply hope I'm not dreaming into existence. Plus it makes life harder for the good people who do rescue animals, and it could go wrong in so many ways. Why an accident? Why abandon in the first place?

Let my next dreams be nicer, please.
Tags: dreams

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