Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Me no brain gud some times

Yesterday was awkward and at times frustrating. In the morning I felt the need to rest, and I could, so I did, until it was lunch time. I think I was more tired, still, than I'd thought I was, because while I was cooking chicken and rice on the stove top I knocked a pot lid off of a pot on the stove (thank goodness I didn't knock off the pot, huh?), which made a big noise, which spooked one of the cats, which led to it knocking the cats' water dish so there's then a puddle on the linoleum. PAUSE FOR CLEANUP: turn off everything on the stove, clean the mess I'd caused (directly and indirectly), and get some equilibrium back before starting to cook again. I was wound up, and thinking maybe I should just go back to bed. I finished cooking...then popped the chicken into the oven when I'd realized I hadn't completely cooked it through. No such thing as rare chicken, at least not one you should eat. (Stomach status: settled, so I must have cooked it enough!) Yeah. Bad start.

Took me a while to get over that.

I got showered, got dressed, and got out: up to nearby Red Castle Games, which earlier Sunday had hosted a fundraiser to help pay for anything insurance won't cover after a driver knocked down a freaking wall of the store. I'd missed the fundraiser (shoot; I could have visited friends if I'd gotten out in time), but still donated. Still, I continued to feel off, almost to the point of having trouble thinking.

I thought better later, making the (I think) good decision to pay someone to cook dinner for me. Due to mood, I kind of simultaneously wanted to be around people and not be around people; why not do that at a bar? You can control how much contact you have with people there. Thus, Landmark Saloon, a country bar not too far on the bus from me, where I know one of the people who works there. Chili, a pickled egg, a Sprite and nothing stronger -- I was in the wrong mood to drink -- and watching a 1998 pro wrestling special since the bar has WWE Network. And, eventually, visiting with people, and getting into actual geeky discussions. My brain was working better. And it's working so far now...

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