Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Sweatshirt mornings

Warmth approaches. I should say, more warmth; mornings are still cool to cold. It's been at that awkward stage of me needing a coat in the morning then not needing it in the afternoon.

Today was the first day I could comfortably wear a sweatshirt to work. I wore a University of Oregon sweatshirt; I'd wanted to wear my Big-Ass Sandwiches hoodie, but it's in the wash. Now I can stuff the sweatshirt in my backpack tonight!

Before that, I'd really really enjoyed the warmth after work yesterday. I made sure to soak in it. And because Portlanders are notoriously cranky about hot weather, I briefly considered saying at the bus stop, loudly, "Oh, it's SO HOT!" Because someone here probably already has said that. I didn't say it, though. Yes, I can behave. Especially when I'm warmer.
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