Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Calvinball just leveled up (poetry tonight!)

A score of Infinity-Nil --
An impossible win in some impossible sport,
Won by a game ball changing shape at will and whim
With a goal a mile above the field
(A field changing from grass to rocks to water
To trampolines)
With another goal buried in a mountain
Reached only by regulation teleportation
(And watch out for when the refs disappear)
Where at least you can win style points
-- remember soccer's helicopter kick? Try a breakdance kick,
And singing the right song at the right time as you play? Gold --
But belching on the sideline docks you points
Only recovered by undoing your belch (un-belching!)
Or quickly writing "I Am Sorry" on the grass, when it is grass
And the Unknown Rule can kick in at any time
(do the refs or coaches or players know it? MAYBE THE GROUNDSKEEPER DOES)
Signaled only by the sideline flag starting to grow...

And a win still feels good.

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Tags: poetical, sport!

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