Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

No, my next job WON'T be with Hans Gruber! In other news, I'll get another job.

I still do my best to be honest here. Here's the odd news from last week: my current job assignment ended Friday...and I got notified two hours before the end of Friday.

What we have here is a failure to communicate. Odd, 'cause I think I'm not THAT hard to reach...

It felt "off," and annoying, that it happened this way. My temp agency let me know later that yep, I should've gotten more notice. At least there's that, because this way? It felt like a firing. I've done literally nothing to get fired, and I don't like getting the hit to the psyche of something-like-a-firing. (Other jobs, I have done something worth being fired for, but trust me, that has not happened often.)

I wrapped up Friday telling a few people what had happened, and feeling awkward when people who didn't know were telling me "See you Monday!" I walked, and took my time -- I walked north-ish from the office, through Old Town/Chinatown,then across the Steel Bridge before I sat down and got online at the Oregon Convention Center in the Lloyd District. I rested, plus wrote an email. I then walked up to the MAX line, and got to the NE Holladay/ Lloyd Center stop before a Green Line train took me to near my neighborhood. Going this way, I had a chance to read, and once I'd reached the Lents/ Foster Rd. stop (and, as I do, detoured to see the Belmont Goats) I stumbled upon a restaurant, Oliver's Café, closing for the day after literally its first day open for dinner. I made sure to go back to Oliver's Sunday night, since I want to support it; I like that I found that out.

I took yesterday and most of today off. There will be other assignments; I hope I do well at them. And I hope this will be a smaller and smaller blip in my year. Because remember, even when you're not, feeling like you've been fired sucks. (You probably already knew that.)

Tags: peregrinations, work

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