Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

At least one good deed for the day

Dept. of Good Timing Dept.: this evening I had gone to the sliding back door to the yard, when I saw a badminton speeder go over the fence from the neighbors' yard and land in this yard. Hey, a reason to go out! So I did and threw the speeder back over the fence. One of the kids next door said "Thank you" through the fence, and I said "You're welcome! Glad to help." Happened and solved in less than a minute. Sometimes I can be quick.

Also, now I know the thing you hit in badminton is called a speeder* is called a shuttlecock or a birdie, but when I was trying to remember its name I first thought it was named "bug." Doesn't that sound right? I'll pretend it is.

* Wrong word, Chris! I try to enter up to my mistakes. I couldn't remember the name and obviously I was lazy when I Googled. Shuttlecock is the right word. *whispers* I still like my term "bug," but I won't insist on it.

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