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Walk with a purpose

I Continue To Be Unexciting, Chapter Next:

Since I'm not working and thus not earning (though this should change soon), I have time and more incentive to walk. I did also make sure to get my June TriMet pass, so that's unlimited bus/MAX riding all month, which can be its own entertainment, even if I'm just reading. I'm making sure I get to neighborhoods I don't normally visit (like the area in NE Portland where Big-Ass Sandwiches is about to become a restaurant!) and explore more of this neat, odd town. I'm also making sure to wear my hard shoes more often, and walk a very particular way:

Not on the insides of my feet!

It's a long-time, happens-if-I'm-not-careful issue. I put a lot of wear on my footwear just in general -- the hard shoes I had until last year broke open in the front and started flopping, which was especially a pain when it rained -- but when I get lazy at how I walk, my feet turn inward. Not splay-footed, my feet still point forward, just tilted like they're on heavy seas. Not too long ago I caught myself doing that on the new hard shoes I bought last year. More recently, I bought boots, and have very consciously walked carefully in them; not a problem (yet) in those, and I hope to avoid the problem. I think/hope I caught it early enough with these hard shoes that I can correct it in not too much time. I'll do plenty of walking no matter what...

(Yeah, watch me break my leg walking this way too much. I'm good at overdoing stuff!)
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