Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

An anniversary!

June 8th, 2014 was my first full day living on SE 70th, once again in a house after 12 years (my longest in any one place) in that Brooklyn neighborhood studio. Means that just over a year ago, I was getting sweaty for a good cause, moving stuff (with Mom and Dad's help, of course). I'd needed to move, I'd needed more space, and during the room hunt I became increasingly certain that it helps me to be in a house, with fewer people on top of you in the same building, not the bare stripped minimum of features -- wow, I can use s bath! If I want to -- and, when possible, with some lawn space. This place has that, front and back. A day last week, when I was the only person home and after Portland had gotten hot, I enjoyed being able to go into the backyard and get shirtless, soaking up some sun and warmth where I don't usually get to soak it.

I'm with housemates; we get along. I'm with pets; we get along. I take care of certain regular chores, because I'd better not forget that a house can be a lot of work. This is all practice for future houses, and future roommates; I want to find good homes, and good roommates.

I want to make this keep working.

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