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"The Iron Giant"

I can admit that earlier tonight I ran into the finale of The Iron Giant (1999) on Cartoon Network and teared up. Oh man, I was air-conducting that particular Michael Kamen cue when the robot tells Hogarth, "No...following..." and then does what it has to do.

That said, a little before that I changed channels briefly to get around one moment that's always kind of bothered me: I've never bought Kent Mansley, even as snivelling and two-faced a guy as he is, being so simultaneously self-centered and cowardly that he'd've really had that "Screw the government, I want to live!" moment when faced with destruction. It felt like a cheap moment. I decided soon after seeing the film for the first time that I'd picture the moment this way: Kent realizes he's been duped, realizes this hasn't really happened to him before (at least not in so major an event), and kind of turns in on himself, sliding down the side of a tank or a Jeep or whatever until he's sitting in the snow, and saying "They said we'd be safe..." That's one way he could've been hit by the enormity of what he's done. And that's another way Kent would suddenly be a non-issue when we get to that moment. (Those of you who've seen the film know what I'm talking about.) But still, oh man, good film.
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