Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Together Alone

Whoa, that sounds...mixed. What I'm talking about is a nice idea I took part in Tuesday: someone I know has been doing informal work get-togethers at a pub that's between her job and her home. Yes, work: she and friends bring projects that they can do with people around. You can be around people without being social if you don't want to be; the point. Is to get work done, and for lots of people that's easier when there are people around.

The person who started this is a scientist for her day job; she was compiling data. A friend of hers was writing a piece for a dissertation. You could have someone there working on chords and lyrics; singer-songwriters are among the group who want to do this.

Me, I wrote doggerel. Yep, that thing about dogs, appropriate for being written at the dog-friendly Lucky Lab pub. I published it in this here blog, then sent the link via Twitter to the ringleader. I wrote "proof of work" in that Tweet. There: words I otherwise wouldn't have written.

Again, nice idea. I also did it with soup, bread, and a nice cider getting me nicely buzzed. I can always be around more people when I go out to eat and drink, and doing so like felt good.

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