Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh
chris_walsh bed. Wait, I did that wrong.

I went to bed with a good book.

Literally. Woke up this morning 3:15-ish a.m. and saw my lamp was still on and the library copy of Robert E. Howard's El Borak and Other Desert Adventures was under the sheets with me. Freaky. At the time I was not, not, NOT very with-it, just enough to get the book on the night stand, the lamp off, and me to sleep.

Simplest way to complicate my sleep: fall asleep with my lamp on. I don't get fully to sleep when I do that; it's not deep enough. So I was oooooooooouuuuuut of iiiiiiiiiiit when my alarm went off. Today's functioning (functionality?) was brought to you by a lot of coffee plus a black cherry-flavored R.C. the good people at All Way, the burger joint on the same block as my current office, made me.

Thank everything I could actually work. I even learned stuff! Like how apparently Robert E. Howard thought that describing a character's "bowels of compassion" was a good idea. Ew.

Sleep well! I mean, whenever you do sleep.
Tags: books

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