Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"A) Discuss existentialism, world wars, and Sartre. B) Dance. C) All of the above."

Today has been the sort of day when I take a nap, then make sure to look out the window to be sure that the 7:09 I see on my nightstand clock is p.m., not a.m.

I'm tired, happy and a little discombobulated. I stayed overnight with friends, Ryan and Kristen Fleming, celebrating their housewarming. Schedules and life meant that they had to wait two-and-a-half months from moving in to have the housewarming. Which meant Ryan and Kristen have had time to get the house in shape, and to increase the house population by one.

I met their puppy Cosmo. Such a cute puppy, as puppies are wont to do! (Wait, "cute" is not a verb? But I can't say "as puppies are wont to be!") Energetic, loving, cuddly, and licking, Cosmo was needed dog therapy for me. For part of the night, I stretched out on the couch and briefly napped with him, relaxed, next to me and with my arm draped over his side. One of the two cats who live there also made appearances, but more at-a-distance, which works for the cat.

Meanwhile, people were showing up until past 1:00, and staying put for a while as well. I'm long past my days of doing all-nighters, and I was never a partier even back when I did do all-nighters, but I enjoyed the different experience. Lots of talking, lots of joking, even (late in the night when we were down to about six people) dancing as well as talking and joking. Helped keep the energy up. Weird near-disconnect, though, talking about the ethics of the U.S. dropping the two nuclear bombs on Japan while dancing. This probably will not be the way colleges change how topics are discussed...

I also got to talk to writers. Ryan founded a news/opinion site called Dead Beats Panel that he's the main writer for, and he knows people who write for other sites and for other reasons. Not surprisingly, I gravitate(d) to writers at the party. I was happy to get more excited about writing, and to remind myself: I'm good at it. (I was usually just a middle-of-the-road reporter when I did that job, though, and sometimes a mediocre one. I try to stay honest about my strengths and weaknesses.)

Very, very late, when we were down to five people in the house, two of those five went out to their pop-up van to sleep, Ryan and Kristen went to sleep in their room, and I went to sleep on the living room couch because they were nice enough to let me stay. Otherwise I would've needed a cab. (Portland has the Uber and Lyft driving services, in fact our mutual friend Jesse Graff was spending the night driving for Lyft, but I don't use those, at least not yet.)

Happily, when I was on the couch I slept deeply enough to dream.

I've taken it easy today. I waited a while at the house this morning, mostly reading, some of the time sitting in the backyard with my shirt off to air out and enjoy the breeze. Once the guests in the van had awakened and headed off, and one of the owners of the house had stirred enough to start their day, I headed off. I let someone else feed me brunch (Miss Delta on N. Mississippi, where I had gumbo and cheese grits), I bought comics at the shop I frequent (Bridge City Comics, also on Mississippi), and bussed home, hoping I didn't smell too much. My big accomplishments since getting home: laundry and a nap.

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