Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Slowly, slowly adjusting...


Excuse me: my job has moved from a sliver of a building in one part of downtown to a much wider, much taller building in another part of downtown. You know that newish, blue building, 1st and Main, on the west end of the Hawthorne Bridge? The company I'm temping for is consolidating on several floors of it.


Yeah, that's a big deal. Whole floors (12th-15th, with the 13th floor -- yes, there's a marked-as-13th floor -- split with another company), with nice views every direction. A much bigger, much better stocked supply room (yes, I notice). Better resources: if we have returned mail to send back out, there's a post office on the ground floor. And I've been adjusting to doing my job, plus getting a few more responsibilities and skills, in these new digs.

I'm slower at the moment than I've been before, but I feel I'm catching up. Also I can't use "I'm getting used to this place!" as an excuse for very long without it becoming a crutch. Get faster, Chris! Get better!

Some things are a little awkward. The big one is that, since they likely won't change this division's post office box until late this year, we still get our applications at a post office more convenient to our old office, and less convenient to our new one. As in "11 blocks away instead of 6 blocks away." But hey, a chance for a morning walk...

And this building simplifies my commute like whoa. It doesn't simplify it for people coming from the west side of the Portland area, though, so I'll acknowledge that. The location also makes me more inclined to walk across the Hawthorne to start my commute home; walking, when you can, is a civilized way to commute. Reminds me of when I'd walk down off Marquam Hill when I worked at OHSU.

So. Let's see how this goes and see how this works...
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