Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yes, I know someone could just break it, but why make it so much easier than that?

Isn't a nearly two-hour lunch relaxing? Not when you're spending it on a trip to correct your mistake. Or, not when I'm spending it on a trip to correct my mistake.

I was five minutes from getting off my bus to go to the office this morning when I realized I had very likely left my bedroom window open. This is a big no-no at the house; my window's on the first floor and reasonably accessible from the outside. I texted my house mates, hoping at least one of them was still there; nope. I got antsy. Then more antsy. I had issues to weigh: the chance someone would see that window open a crack was really not all that high, but I'd feel deeply stupid and awful if someone had and took advantage, right? My stuff, the house mates' stuff, the house cat -- all could be badly affected by my one mistake. But -- but -- I also had a job to do. But -- but -- but -- me risking waiting until the end of the day to return home and see if that tiny chance of Something Bad had come true, then I'd spend the whole day being really antsy, right?

The earliest (I felt) I could head back home was 11:00. That balanced errands and meetings that still had to happen with making as short as possible the time I had an unprotected open window. I told my supervisor what I needed to do, got her OK to leave, tried to run off last quick errand on my way out, realized I'd gone to the wrong floor to do said errand and headed back, did that errand, THEN got going. I was a little discombobulated. Luckily I was able to board the bus that would let me off closest to the house. (Two bus lines pass my office then let off near the house, but I was able to take the bus that lets me off 1 1/2 blocks away instead of the bus that lets me off 7 blocks away.) I hustled back. Thank everything, no problem; I checked. I closed the window, texted my house mates that things were OK, then hustled for a bus back. That plus wolfing down lunch once I was back in the office took me about one hour, 45 minutes. Worth it for peace of mind.

Though darn it, I should've brought lunch with me and eaten it on the bus. Multitasking!
Tags: peregrinations, work

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