Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

There Will Be Platelets. Yeah, that doesn't sound epic.

Adventures in slight annoyance:

Wednesday morning already wasn't my best mood-time, and when I got to my desk at work I got a call on my cell that went to message. Turned out it was a call from the Red Cross, where I donate whole blood and will donate platelets this coming weekend, only the call (paraphrased) was "Well, we're going to cancel your platelet appointment so that you can continue to donate whole blood, since it's really best that you donate whole blood. Thank you!"


I'd not contacted anyone to cancel anything. I'd been asked by a Red Cross person (other than who'd just called me) to donate platelets because there's a really especially short supply of platelets at the moment. I was willing to do so for the first time. I'd also double-checked that my body would be fine donating platelets so soon after donating whole blood -- you can do so two days after, as opposed to the eight weeks before you can donate whole blood again* (and you can wait as few as two days between platelet and whole blood donation, if you're so inclined) -- so to have my appointment unilaterally canceled was, uh-huh, slightly annoying. IT'S NOT EITHER/OR. I can help two ways instead of one, so why not try that?

So I called back immediately to the number and confirmed that I'd be fine to donate platelets, and the Red Cross person said great, you can do it today at--

No. Platelet donation has you at the donation center for 2 1/2 hours, time I needed to work. I explained I need to do this on a weekend, but my original Saturday time was already booked with someone else (bully for them, I guess). Luckily Sunday had open slots, so it's still happening this weekend. And I still have the longer weekend in case I need more time to recover.

My platelets will report for duty. Just a little later. More to come.

* You can donate platelets once every two weeks, though as I understand it you're limited to a certain number of donations a year: you can't do it 26 times, but technically you could get close to that.
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