Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

"E) All of the above" is even less likely to happen

Latest socializing (it's like I'm keeping score) was last night, when I had a Mexican dinner with my friend of several years Heather G. (Not to be confused with Heather T. or Heather B. A few more and I'll know a plethora of Heathers...) She lives in Tigard, I in SE, so currently our paths don't intersect that much, but she came into town for a Get Up Kids show at the Hawthorne Theater, which is on my bus ride home, so we rendezvoused ("Sounds like James Bond," she said when I used that word) and caught up.

During dinner Heather debated whether she'd go to the show at all (she did), or at least what she'd do with her extra ticket, as other friends who'd almost gone had been unable to go to the show, and I knew I wouldn't be up for using the ticket myself. (And maybe I'm a little more suspicious of going to a show after listening to Pink Floyd The Wall, which I'd played yesterday. Would the singer have all of us shot?) For about three seconds she considered selling it, then slightly more seriously considered under-selling it, but she knew that would rightfully annoy the venue. We'd be right outside of it, after all. She also wished she'd brought cash with her to buy merchandise in the venue.


A) Give Heather the magical ability to turn the ticket into cash!
B) Fold the ticket into a magical origami bird that transforms into a real bird! Add beauty to the world! Everyone would be so impressed that they'd give her merch!
C) Set the ticket on fire! Heather doesn't smoke anymore (go Heather!), but someone on the street would have a lighter. (Is fire like magic? IT CAN BE.) Everyone would be so scared that they'd give her merch!
D) Heather turns independently wealthy and buys the Hawthorne Theater, then pays acts to come there and play free shows. (Just for her? Depends on how wealthy.)


Also, I probably shouldn't try running a concert venue.

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