Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

To and from the light rail

My old neighborhood has trains! More trains, I mean it's next to the Brooklyn Rail Yard, but now the TriMet Orange Line is running through it, too. Running down SE 17th Ave., a few blocks from where I lived for 12 years. The light rail line was under construction during the last year or so I lived over there: Google Maps Street View is a mess of street shots last updated before all that construction next to shots updated more recently: streets move! Tracks appear and disappear! Buildings appear and disappear! (And not just Street View: I also took pics.)

Mea culpa: I'd hoped and planned to get out of the house early today and walk, but the bed's gravitational pull was too str-- kidding, I just didn't get out of bed until late. Lazy morning until noon, when I ran an errand to the library nearest the house. Conveniently, that library is right next to the #17 line, which links to the Orange Line. And to promote the line opening, all bus, light rail, and streetcar lines are free to ride today...which doesn't affect me, as I already have my September pass, but hey, no matter what, I can ride. And I did, down to the old neighborhood. Which had a lot of trains (more than there will be usually) and looooooooots of people. Enough people that I didn't bother riding the train yet; there'll be plenty of time for that later. I watched, and got some shade -- I really should've worn sunblock -- before walking more.

I almost went over to the apartment (and former church building. Really) where I used to live, but didn't. I did recreate part of what used to be my commute, when I lived a 15-minute walk from the Kroger/Fred Meyer call center; that's where I worked from February 2013 to August 2014, and often walked around the construction. I walked back and forth across the new pedestrian bridge over the Brooklyn Rail Yards; the previous, and really rickety, old bridge was dismantled a few weeks after I'd moved away from it. This bridge is, no surprise, much nicer and more solid; it even has elevators, though one of the two was closed for maintenance. I had no reason to keep going over to the Fred Meyer offices -- though I was curious if I'd still get the building's wifi signal a year-plus later -- so I returned over the bridge to SE 17th.

A little more traveling after that: on a #17 bus to SW 3rd and Lincoln, walking past one of the event sites where people had been celebrating the new light rail line; on an Orange Line shuttle bus, since it went across the new Tilikum Crossing bridge and wasn't nearly as crowded as the trains (part of my trip is visible on Facebook); then on a #19 bus out to near my current neighborhood for lunch and a milkshake at the coffee shop near here. First time I spent any money today! Today I spent more boot leather and sweat.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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