Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Laugh so you don't rage

There are more serious, consequential issues I can blog about than this. I know that. I wrote/vented about that partly because it's not as consequential as many other things. It can have consequence; making it easy to believe lies can be a big issue like whoa, and I know it's important to debunk what needs debunking -- I need to do better at that -- but do it with, I hope, some humor. (I added another possible substitute line to that entry after posting it, because I don't want to be someone who says "Don't do that" but instead says "why not do this?" Be positive and offer alternatives! Good habit.)

Certain subjects, though, torpedo my humor. And today I ran into a bunch of those. Ugly, saddening, maddening subjects. Subjects that could get me seething and tired...if I dwell on them.

For the moment, I'd rather rest more than dwell. And be able to keep my humor.

I'm choosing my battles. And as always, I need to do better at choosing the right ones.

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