Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I want to watch. I know I'll feel it.

As it ends for some of you, it just now begins for me: I've seen my first episode of Hannibal.

I say this as someone who loves the film of The Silence of the Lambs, who admired Thomas Harris's first two serial killer novels (Red Dragon and Lambs), who grudgingly respected his 1998 novel Hannibal*, and who haaaaaaaaaaaaated the 2001 film version of Hannibal:

I will likely get very, very wrapped up in this show. And I will likely need to watch it very, very carefully.

Holy word, that first episode was tense and sad and wrenching. And so good at portraying the feeling of empathy. I've known empathetic people. I've known sociopathic people. Empathy isn't always easy, but I prefer it to the alternatives. And empathy, I'm guessing, will be a big part of what Hannibal is for me as I watch more.

But I'll want some dose of happiness after each episode.

* My wording makes this unclear, but I saw the 2001 film version before I read the novel -- I finally read the book Hannibal 'round 2003. Similar stories, with similar endings, but something about the film's ending feels like a cheat while I feel the book's ending has a horrific honesty to it. I didn't have to like some of the more terrible turns the novel took, but I see the path that led us there. So it earned my grudging respect.

And I'll share one more weird detail Portland people may appreciate: when I read the book scene where Verger's people kidnap Dr. Lecter, the abduction happens in a grocery store's parking lot, and I pictured it like the now-gone lot next to the now-replaced downtown Portland Safeway, the one that was known as "Psycho Safeway." Seemed somehow apropos.

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