Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

For those who came in late...

My life lately's been basic. Simple. At least there's been some social time. Last Sunday I hung out with one friend who'd just gotten back from London and a mutual friend, getting souvenirs while hanging out in a dive bar. Wednesday's social thing was at another friend's father's house. Parse that: this friend goes to her dad's house on Wednesdays to watch Survivor, and I asked (nicely!) if I could join them for this season's premiere, and they said yes. Which was nice, since they're nice people to visit with and I'd otherwise have to wait a week and a day to watch the episode through an app. Next episode I'll need to wait, but I can.

Work is work. Technical issues hobbled us a bit, sometimes a lot, last week; that contributed to work being a little slow. That and I was slower than I'd like. Still getting used to the amenities in the new building, including the elevators announcing the floors and when the elevators are moving. I still think I hear a hint of disapproval when the voice says "Going down..."

I've had a simple weekend. The farthest I've been from the house was the Fred Meyer 12 blocks away. Time to adapt to fall weather: hoodie (the one I have, from Big-Ass Sandwiches) and sweatshirts are out! I've made sure to wear my Oregon Ducks sweatshirt this weekend, too, after they lost badly yesterday -- if they were TRYING to lose, they in fact lost quite well, but that's not what I mean -- because I'm not going to be a fair-weather Duck fan. They'll be better. They'll be better.

(To amuse/ease the pain of a fellow Duck fan last night, I posted a description of me rocking back and forth, saying "It's still not the Toilet's still not the Toilet Bowl...")

There! Caught up.
Tags: peregrinations, sport!, work

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