Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Thought patterns

My mind seems simpler right after waking up.

It doesn't seem simple when I'm dreaming, but wake up and BAM, the mind's in "gimme some time, I want to ease into the day, don't work me too hard" mode. And I sort of have to let it do that, so it's good most mornings I can be on autopilot: get up and kill time until my body's fully ready to go to the bathroom, then use the bathroom (clean up my mouth and clean out my bowels! Shower!), then get breakfast, then leave for work.

Meanwhile, my thoughts are on autopilot. I go weeks, sometimes months, thinking and re-thinking the sane thoughts. For a few months recently my morning mind latched onto the subject of John Hughes films -- hey, plenty to think about, right? Except it was an effort to think about anything else -- until I started telling myself Think, of something, ELSE. Thought diversion. Sometimes it's a needed effort.

I've had morning mind like this for YEARS. For months all the way back in junior high my morning thoughts involved, repeatedly, not just the show Moonlighting, but the same scene from Moonlighting -- over, and over, and over. (It was Curtis Armstrong's character admitting he'd had a one-night stand with a waitress.) A few years ago, my morning mind latched onto bits of the Twilight books -- yes, I've read them. Morning after morning revisiting Bella and Edward; I don't think I'd choose that, but it somehow was easy to think about.

What else is easy to think about? Anyway, that's a bit of where my mind goes.

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