Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

That would've been awkward; plus work details

Yesterday, in selected word form:

Had another dream that almost seemed to be a wannabe-anxiety dream but was too matter-of-fact to manage to be so -- or maybe I just didn't let it. What most stands out: a moment when I'm sitting in at a funeral of someone whose name I don't know. That'd be awkward...if it happened. (More happily, I also dreamed a cool big city plus dreamed of holding/caring for a baby, so that's good.)

My office has had some turnover -- someone who'd worked with and near me quit earlier this week, and a new someone brought in for one job is also going to do part of that departed person's job. So I gave some training to the new person. Good that I understand it enough to give training; I worry about training or teaching someone badly. He asked good questions, and that helped. I train OK; I hope I work OK.

Our office now has an up-to-date company sign on the side of the building! It had said the name of the organization this company had recently merged with. Something new for Portland commuters crossing the Hawthorne Bridge to see. I'm also glad I didn't have THAT job. Handling large letters 16 stories up: not my thing. Dropping them? Maybe that would be my thing.

At least my dreams aren't anxious, huh.
Tags: dreams, work

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