Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Aaaaaaand sometimes I need it

I know, I just said that sometimes I need to resist my desire to cocoon and be by myself, that I probably don't really need as much alone-time as I sometimes think I want, but today I reeeeeeally wished I was doing work that I could do in a room by myself. Today was a day where I felt about to run into everyone I passed. I, just, didn't, want, to, be, around, people.

I think no one noticed I was out of sorts, I certainly wasn't snarling at people (I TEND NOT TO SNARL, REALLY), but...I wanted there to be fewer chances for me to want to snarl at people.

Yeah, it's been a day. A better one'll happen.

And I won't do the cliché of taking Friday off, because no one would think I was doing it as a mental health day...
Tags: work

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