Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Walking. Yes indeed.

Also, I walked more today than usual. On top of my usual walks to and from bus stops for my commute, I also:

  • left work and walked the Hawthorne Bridge and Hawthorne Blvd. to the bus stop at SE 21st, which is 1.6 miles;

  • decided once home to walk to the nearest library to drop off a couple of books I needed to return this weekend, and that's 0.9 miles;

  • walked the few blocks to Holgate and 83rd, or 0.2 miles, to reach a bus that I took to SE 122nd and another bus (seeing a guy bike by wearing a denim jacket with the logo from 1995's film Species sewn on the back) that I took to Lents;

  • detoured the 0.3 miles from the 94th-ish and Foster bus stop (under I-205, in other words) to where the Belmont Goats live, then back to the bus line, so say 0.5 miles on that leg;

  • and 0.4 miles back to the house. I mean, once I was off my night's last bus.

    Just under 3 1/2 miles I otherwise wouldn't normally have walked, and that's nowhere near as much impromptu walking as I've done. Go me!
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