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Tonight I'm at my parents' in Dundee, intentionally alone. My Sunday plans are easier done from here than from Portland, and my folks don't mind me using the place as sort of a vacation house.

(My family had a more vacation-y vacation home until about 12 years ago: my dad's parents Irv and Jean installed a double-wide manufactured home in the Coast Range, about 10 miles from Lincoln City, Oregon and on a creek. Basic house, prrrrrrrrrretty spot. A place I really liked to go, sometimes with family, sometimes A LOT of family, sometimes alone. I'm sometimes tempted to visit again, but I know it'd be obnoxious if I did; the current owners wouldn't know me from Adam.)

I got to Dundee this evening, after various chores, cat scritches and TV shows at my usual house (i.e. where I pay rent). I'd been down in this area for a bit when it dawned on me: I was kind of sore. With access to a bath and no one else needing to use the bathroom.

If you'd heard me earlier tonight, the moans would've told you I'd made a good decision.

Make good, comfortable decisions when you can! Like you need me to tell you.


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  • chris_walsh
    2 Jun 2023, 17:05
    I am glad you exist and that you're choosing to blog!

    Maybe not feeling poetic is a poetic state all its own?

    Try to capture that feeling - I think that will be reflective of many folks'…
  • chris_walsh
    2 Jun 2023, 06:59
    Glad you're surviving!
  • chris_walsh
    20 Jul 2021, 14:00
    I think I should wait until I have something better to brag about.
  • chris_walsh
    20 Jul 2021, 09:38
    I think it's okay to talk about your life, if you have something you want to share, even if you are doing well.
  • chris_walsh
    9 Jun 2021, 03:45
    I've been serving myself to watch this one day.
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