Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Halloween weekend, and proof I'd be a lousy junkie

Oh, yes, there was a weekend just now, wasn't there?

Mine got off to the non-riproaring start of emergency grocery-shopping at the Fred Meyer on the way home from work Friday night. With my busy and sick weekend before that, and a busy, tiring week following it, I was almost to the point of just heating up and eating pasta sauce for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so: GET AT LEAST SOMETHING.

Saturday, I got to be social for Halloween. I joined my friend Riona, who I met through Portland's Firefly fandom and got to know through Geek Trivia, at her dad's house: this was their ninth year dressing up the porch for trick-or-treaters. She was a witch hiding in a coffin, he was Lurch, complete with makeup. I don't have scary clothes (I barely have enough daily clothes), so they loaned me a trench coat and a skull mask. A decent number of kids showed up, and I even successfully startled (maybe even scared!) a few of them. It's been YEARS since I've given out candy for Halloween; this was a nice change of pace. After we stopped giving out candy, Riona's dad treated us to fried ice cream at a nearby location of The Original Taco House. It's probably been DECADES since I'd had fried ice cream, so it was like a taste of my childhood. I should have gotten a Shirley Temple to taste more of it.

WARNING! The next paragraph mentions needles:

Sunday had a frustrating thing: I'd booked a platelets donation at the Red Cross that afternoon, but I most likely hadn't had enough water beforehand, and we had trouble getting the first of the veins to accept a needle. My tech told me that the vein would not work for that day's draw, and suggested poking another part of my arm, but I nixed doing a donation that day. I was worried that the next two pokes -- platelets are taken out through one tube, sent through a machine then returned through another tube, and we didn't have the return tube inserted yet, let alone the draw tube -- would also go badly. OK, so I'll want to book another, I hope successful, attempt soon. I still took myself afterwards to a special dinner, at a restaurant where a friend cooks so I was able to say hi to her. Then MOAR grocery shopping, because Sunday was the best time to get more. I had to remind myself once that it was earlier than it felt, due to the Daylight Savings Time change. Let's see how well I adjust this time.

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