Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's not as late as I think: a lesson through walking

6 p.m. shouldn't feel like 9 p.m. 6 p.m. shouldn't feel like midnight. This week, I realized: I was treating evenings like it was later than it was, due to the dark -- like I was avoiding the outer dark. I was showing signs of starting to hermit-ize, to cocoon.

One way to keep myself from doing that? Food. Which is why I made a point to go for a walk last night, 8:30-ish, with the thought to take myself out to eat. Cart, sit-down place, something...

...and that motivated me to a walk that was more like a march, wearing my Too Much Coffee Man wool cap for the first time in months, with the goal of Carts On Foster, which I haven't gone to much following Big-Ass Sandwiches leaving there for their brick-and-mortar five months ago. Good goal!

Except I'd forgotten (or maybe never knew) that the pod closes at 9:00. The guy who runs the Carts On Foster bar area was literally locking up the space when I arrived.

I then wondered if I'd really been in the mood for food, because my desire to eat out fizzled a bit. Save it for later, Chris. I wandered for a bit, thinking maybe I'd still find a restaurant, but the nearby options didn't really call to me. (I was in a noodle mood. This is not surprising. Noodles, I've said before, might be the perfect food.) But hey, I was still walking. And in fact I took a longer route home, and walked more than I had to -- got on the bus, yes, but instead of getting off where I normally would I rode it to SE 82nd and Foster and walked back home from there, because I can always use more walking.

I was ready for a small dinner (homemade salad) after that. And for breakfast (also homemade, this time bacon and grits) today.

A special treat meal awaits in the indeterminate future. As I hope they do for y'all.
Tags: peregrinations

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