Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This will be a focused list of thanks.

Reached the parents' place in Dundee, where family Thanksgiving will happen. Dad and Uncle Bill are reminiscing about Navy stuff; Mom and Aunt Pat just headed out on this pretty day for a walk: a friend's black Lab who my folks are pet-sitting, named McCoy, is relaxing with us; and I'm getting tea into myself. Two more pair of aunts and uncles, Uncle Greg and Aunt Peg plus Uncle Mike and Aunt Nancy, are about 10 minutes away at another family house, and will be over later. And I'm relaxing in a bedroom.

I feel the start of a possible cold, so I'm taking it easy. Now that I'm done driving for the day, I'll get cold medicine into me as I try to nip this in the bud. I made sure that my cough medicine has no aspirin in it, as I can't have any right now. (I'm doing my third blood platelet donation Saturday, and aspirin makes it harder for blood to clot, which I WILL NEED once the needles are out. Heh.)

So, I am thankful for family, food, comfort, and having the right meds.

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