Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'm thankful that at least it's not a fever

Since Wednesday night I've been trying to shake a cold. Means I haven't been the most talkative or social this Thanksgiving weekend, but I kept taking cold medicine and drinking water and juice (no one claim I've really been sucking on gin and juice!), so that I could be both healthy and up for donating platelets again this afternoon.

I still haven't shaken it. So I'm thankful that someone's at the Red Cross call center at 8:15 on a Saturday morning so that I can reschedule the draw for next week...which I just did. My day today will now include heading hone, having more cough medicine, and FINALLY BEING ABLE TO HAVE AN ASPIRIN. (Aspirin makes it a little harder for your blood to clot, something you really need when drawing blood!)

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