Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More dramatic!

Can this be Day Last of my cold? I hope so! And I have more meds to prove it! To, um, I guess, prove the hope. Or something.

Anyway. I got said meds at the Fred Meyer near where I live. Also bananas, because I was almost out of those. I went to a self-checkout register that had something wrong with it. Nothing affecting its performance, but mething affecting its automated voice: it echoed. "WELCOME, VALUED CUSTOMER,er,er."

And the first thing out of my mouth was "Thank you, Great and Powerful Oz!" Which made me giggle.

This is still the funniest thing that's happened to me today.

Meanwhile, I was reminded of something I realized years ago: I'd have to be really, really sick to not still be checking out attractive people. I'm remembering one time I got miserably ill at the home of my brother T.J. and his wife Cindy. I got upright, went out of the guest bedroom, poked my head into the living room, and saw that T.J., Cindy, and Cindy's visiting dad were watching Trading Spaces. I watched Paige Davis and said "I can't be too sick, I still think she's really cute." And that time? I was really sick. THIS IS NOTHING. But I'd still like to be over it, please and thank you. Work well, meds!

(...yes, while out this morning I was checking out attractive people.)

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